Display / Signaling

Color printing solutions with UV technology and related consumables for signage applications such as Point of Sale (POP) material, rigid materials and marking of objects (thermos, cup holders, golf balls, etc.).


iJet2L Breva

Monochrome iJet2L Breva printer created to print directly on rigid surfaces. Easy to use, compact and very light, ideal for use in small work spaces.

Very versatile printer for object personalization applications such as cosmetic packaging, promotional items, electronic components, bottles, etc. Customize objects with a maximum height of 5cm and a maximum printing area of 15x17cm

It uses an ink cartridge with a built-in print head which minimizes maintenance. You can work with different types of ink just by exchanging the cartridge and there are UV, solvent, water-based and food-based inks.


Color thermal vinyl printers with internal cut-out to generate long-lasting indoor and outdoor identification and signage labels. Used in various applications such as marking of products and equipment and signaling of spaces in offices, transport stations and beepmusic.